About – Alex Seymour
Alex Seymour - Unique and Creative Web Design

y name is Alex Seymour and I have a strong passion for web design and development. I live in Toronto and I am a freelance web developer/software engineer.

I have  a degree in Computer Science and over 14 years of experience working in the software industry, from developing critical real-time systems for British Aerospace to financial and encryption software at MasterCard. I am currently working freelance, developing web based solutions for a broad range of clients.

I strive to create a rich online experience that engages the user and to make the web an easy thing to use. I also develop desk top applications, customized exactly to your requirements.

My specialties include:

  • Web Design (Layout)
  • Web Development (PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Database Design and Development (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Software Design (VisualBasic, C++, .NET, ADA)
  • Flash & Photoshop
  • Yorkie bars

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I am used to working under the pressures of tight deadlines and limited budgets. With over 14 years of experience in the financial and military business environment, I am required to produce software to the highest standards of both security and operational reliability. My preference is to work on a short term contract basis.[sws_blockquote align=”” alignment=”center” cite=”” quotestyles=”style02″] I have experience dealing with customers as diverse as the Korean Navy to Fashion Boutiques [/sws_blockquote]


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I work with Photoshop and Illustrator and provide graphic designs to clients. I have also produced logos, business cards, manuals, promotional flyers, DVD content, etc.

I have developed strong communication and management skills working in the financial district in London, England as well as working with corporate clients and small businesses to entrepreneurs. I have experience dealing with customers as diverse as the Korean Navy to Fashion Boutiques.

My resume is below. If you think I could help you with your web presence please contact me and we can talk about how to make your website stand out and get results.