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Customized Community Site to Market a New Product


oyal Canin had a new product for Sphynx cats that they wanted to market via Social Media.

After discussing their requirements, we came to the conclusion that we would create their own social website and social network. They wanted to provide an environment where they could help their community feel privileged, like they have “VIP” status. They wanted to make their community proud to represent their brand and give community members the power and the resources to evangelize the Royal Canin brand and products.

We decided to use Ning as the online platform for this development.

Ning offers the ability to create a community website with a customized look and appearance, fitting in with the Royal Canin brand. Ning also adds the service layers in support for “Like”, integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo!

Ning supports pictures, events, videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc, so we took advantage of it all. More importantly, we encourage the Royal Canin  community to do the same and then feature the content that they submit.

Ning also has an API, allowing us to hook into Royal Canin’s existing SalesForce infrastructure.
News feeds drip in relevant Sphynx information and Royal Canin can advertise their new diet and other products.

This Ning community features a complete customized layout, from graphics, css and functionality.


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