CS-Cart Plugin Development
Developing a custom Plugin


cottsHighland.com was using CS-Cart for their e-commerce solution.

They wanted a plugin developed that allowed customers to search through a list of songs in their database.

They could search songs by author, tune name, timing, type of song etc… If the tune searched belonged to a book they sold, then the search results indicate that the book is available in the online store.

This was developed on the SMARTY Framework and work was provide by freelancing for the Creative Donkeys Web Design



[sws_3_columns ] [sws_ul_ui indent=”0″ ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”][sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]PHP [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]CS-Cart [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]MySQL [/sws_ul_ui_item] [/sws_ul_ui][/sws_3_columns]

[sws_3_columns ] [sws_ul_ui indent=”0″ ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”][sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]SMARTY [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]XHTML[/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]Javascript [/sws_ul_ui_item] [/sws_ul_ui][/sws_3_columns]

[sws_3_columns_last ] [sws_ul_ui indent=”0″ ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”][sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]CSS[/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]Plugins [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ icon=”ui-icon-check”]eCommerce[/sws_ul_ui_item] [/sws_ul_ui] [/sws_3_columns_last]

Visit the site: www.scottshighland.com

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